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You can read other people’s stories and share your story here. Sometimes it can help to write stories down and share them, just as much as it can help to read other people’s stories. Writing your story can sometimes help with difficult emotions, and it will also help other people going through the same thing to get a true picture of mental health and psychosis, things that are helpful for friends and family, how to get the best support from mental health services and how to get on with life.

You don’t have to say who you are or share a picture unless you want to. If you put something up and then change your mind, you can contact us and we’ll remove it. 

If psychosis has affected your life and you want to share your story then why not write about it, add a photo if you want to or upload a video, here.  Telling you story might help someone else as long as you remember to:  Keep it honest

                        Keep it short

                        Keep it clean*

                        Try to end with something positive, to give hope.  

* don’t use offensive language or images as we won’t be able to share this with others

The EYE Project is a research project supported by:

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Swandean, Arundel Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3EP