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‘It’s not ‘am I normal?’, but ‘am I bothered?’’

"I think knowing that other people have it as well really helps, because a lot of people think ‘Oh I’m really unusual’ and kind of shy away from it. But I think when you do realise how many other people can have the same problems it helps" - Cassie aged 19.

One thing that can be hard is deciding whether you have a problem or not. How can you tell the difference, for example, between normal mood swings and a serious mental health issue? Is it normal or abnormal?

We all feel different emotions at different times. It’s normal to change from feeling happy to sad, calm to stressed, energetic to unmotivated in a single week. General stresses, things that happen in the week, tiredness and hormones can all play a part in your emotions. Some people are just ‘moodier’ than others and that’s okay too.

But if there’s something going on for you that’s different from how things used to be, it’s been going on for more than a week or two, it’s upsetting or frightening or it’s affecting your life, then it’s a problem worth talking about.

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