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One thing that young people have told us is that sometimes, you just want information on what you can do yourself to make things better. You don’t always want to go and talk to someone else. If that’s how you feel at the moment, then this page is for you.


There is information about different websites that might be helpful for young people who might have mental health difficulties. They each have sections on how to help yourself. There are also some useful apps. We will also gradually add apps and other useful websites as we find them. If you find something useful and want to share it, you can do that through our blog. We will pick the good ones, to add to our self-help page.


There’s also a questionnaire that may help you to weigh up how much of a problem things are at the moment, and what sort of support might be most helpful. This is a first draft of the questionnaire, but it might be helpful and you can tell us what you think of it, so that we can make it even better.

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