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This page is full of stories from young people who have experienced psychosis. Their psychosis stories describe what the experience of psychosis was like for them. Their recovery stories say something about how things are now. But everyone’s story is different. Sometimes it can help to read other people’s stories. That way, you can see that you’re not alone. You can also see that although at times things can be really difficult, they can also get better again.

As well as reading other people’s stories, some people find it helpful to share their own. Writing about your experience can sometimes help you to deal with difficult things and if you post it on the website, you could also get some advice from other people who’ve been through similar things.

If you’ve experienced psychosis but things have improved for you recently, you can also share your recovery story and tell people what worked for you. This may give some really helpful advice to someone else who’s struggling at the moment.

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