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My first experience of psychosis occurred when I left home to go to University. This was a sudden change and there was a heavy party culture there involving late nights and increased alcohol consumption. This on top of the stress of a heavy work load all contributed to triggering my first episode of mania which led to psychosis. Although I had previously suffered from depression since my early teenage years this episode led to my current diagnosis of Bi-polar affective disorder.

In this manic state I started behaving erratically, spending large amounts of money and having endless energy, racing thoughts and elated mood. This led to me staying up all night, feeling no need for sleep. I had new found confidence and would talk excessively at a face pace about unusual and irrelevant things.

This obvious change in behavior concerned my friends who tried to talk to me but at that point I was in denial anything was wrong. However soon this developed into psychosis where I had paranoid and delusional thoughts that someone was out to harm me. I became increasingly scared and whenever I heard sirens outside I thought they were relating to me.

The whole experience was incredibly scary and distressing as even though the thoughts and feelings had no basis they felt very real to me at the time.

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