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I started showing signs of psychosis a few years ago, but to me I was only showing signs of being a young person who felt tired, dazed, confused, anxious, upset, depressed. I started to lose sight of who I was and became consumed by a cloud of odd thoughts about myself, others and the world around me. Days started becoming a blur, I felt I was justified to be suspicious of others around me, if I looked hard enough I could see what other people were thinking, planning, plotting. After a while it became easier to see the weird things, but harder to see normality. 

I felt all my symptoms were weird pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that I couldn't understand, or work out how to slot into place... They represented how confused I felt. Just finding out that there was such a thing as 'Psychosis' helped my jigsaw puzzle, even more so when I was referred into a service especially for young people like ME who felt/thought/behaved the way I did. 

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